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Artist Statement 

Rosemarie Cameron-Stone is an emerging artist currently in her final year at Plymouth University.

She has previously gone to Weymouth College, to study for 2 years a Degree in Art and Design practice.

Rosemarie Cameron-Stone is an emerging artist whose work focuses primarily on folklore, myths, and storytelling, often directly inspired by local epic tales. She is interested in local and world mythologies, how they locate us in the environment and beyond, and map our own psychic drives. Her practice includes performance, filmmaking, photography, and movement.

Rosemarie is inspired by the choreographer Mathew Bourne as he interprets well-known stories and puts his own twist to the story.

She is also inspired by Paul Rego as like Bourne she tells well known fairy tale and makes them into her own work and theme.

She is a year BA (HONS) Fine Art Degree at the University of Plymouth and will graduate in 2024.  The  Folklore myth ‘The White Lady’ and has created a performance piece.

She has exhibited her work in Weymouth Central Library, and Weymouth College.

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