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Artist statement 

Rosemarie Cameron-Stone is an emerging artist currently in her final year at Weymouth College, studying for a Degree in Art and Design practice.

In her first year, she used various techniques such as cyanotype, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and projection to explore her own psyche.  During this process, she became interested in supernatural narratives of good and evil.   Since she has always been interested in experiences of unexplainable phenomena.  It is these experiences that she attempts to portray in her work.  

In her second year, Rosemarie extended her interest when making work about world mythology and epic stories.  As myths and legends provide meaning and help us to understand what it is to be human.  In her first project, she explored the local Portland legend of The Roy Dog.   This narrative draws from the supernatural black dog motif which has a long historical background dating back to Cerberus, the hound of Hades, guarding the Gates of Hell preventing the dead from leaving.   The black dog is found in English, European, and Americas folklore and usually portends death but can sometimes assist travelers leading them from harm.      She has also used the story of Dracula to create her own modern-day version of the story in stop-motion short films.   In the film, she has explored the experience of seeing an apparition and has portrayed the sense of supernatural predatory power, and created an atmosphere of fear.  

The techniques and materials that Rosemarie likes to  use to explore the chosen myths are; drawing, painting, printing making, cyanotype, photography, photoshop, stop motion film using powerpoint which encompasses the whole narrative of the myths.

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